Shipping Baggage to Canada from UK

Baggage shipping by definition; are packed by owner shipments (PBO) which can be collected and delivered by one person and normally consist of cartons / plastic tote boxes, suitcases, trunks, Golf Clubs, bicycles etc. to a max weight of 25kgs per item.

Our specialised teams have many years’ experience in arranging baggage shipments to NZ from the UK, if you have excess baggage, then look no further than Relo UK to assist in moving your luggage or cartons, bicycles, trunks etc.

With Baggage Shipping by sea freight, this is the most economical choice however by classification sea freight is the slower option due to tyranny of distance involved.

Air freight is a fast, efficient, and effective service, but it is more expensive than the sea freight option, but if time is of the essence, then this service is for you.

Our excess baggage shipping service covers all of NZ on a door-to-door service.

Why Choose Relo UK

Let Relo UK team of dedicated professionals tailor make a quotation for your today for your exacting requirements whether you are moving 1 item or more than 10+ items, we can provide you with a competitive costing.

As a proud member of the international mover’s association (IAM) we have the reputation and expertise when it comes to shipping baggage to NZ from the UK.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with the best export baggage shipping service on the market today, our team of professionals are well trained to look after your exacting requirements

Our number one priority when shipping baggage to NZ from the UK is that you receive the very best service; Call us today on Tel: 0843 289 4350 / 01323 763689,  or email us at,


Rest assured our service will be fast efficient and competitive.


Getting the right advice is essential

Remember; it is your precious possessions that you are moving so do insist on choosing the baggage shipping company to NZ from the UK you feel that you can trust.

Are my possessions going to be safe & secure?

At Relo UK, we have customs approved bonded warehouse with CCTV camera so once your boxes have been collected, they will be safe and secure whilst we build our next shared / groupage service. All your possessions will be professionally handled by our own staff. As a member of various International Associations, our staff are trained to exacting standards.

What are the costs of shipping Baggage to NZ from the UK?

Our quotations are based on volume, and we can tailor made to suit your needs and requirements. We will provide you with a written quotation outlining the services offered and our contract conditions and exclusions. Prices will vary depending on whether you are baggage shipping 1 item or have several items to move.

How long will it take to arrive?

Generally, with an international shipping baggage to NZ from the UK approximately 12 weeks depending on Final destination. By liaising with your Move Manager, it may be possible to reduce or increase these delivery times so that they fit in with your travel arrangements.

What if I don’t know when I am moving?

As expert baggage shippers, we are constantly able to fit clients in a short notice for collection dates, normally we work on a fortnight notice is best, however we can accommodate clients on 24 hours’ notice if time is of the essence.

Do I need a delivery address before it arrives?

All we require prior to shipping is a contact address and contact details. Once your shipment has arrived in NZ and has been through the customs clearance and the (MPI) quarantine formalities it is at this point, we will require a delivery address, however if you are not able to provide a delivery address, we can arrange storage on your behalf.


Insurance is an important consideration in any relocation. If you are packing the baggage shipment yourself, we would be able to offer you a total loss policy, if we are professional packing your consignment for you, then we can provide an all-risks marine transit insurance policy. A transit
proposal form will be provided with all our quotations. We advise you to read the information carefully; if there any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to ask.

Moving day has arrived what happens next?

Prior to your moving day, our operations team will confirm the date and approximate time scale. Once crew has arrived at your collection address, we will prepare the baggage shipment for transit, with owner packed cartons, we will check, that they confirm to international moving standards and are in good condition for the journey, if not, we may suggest that we repack for you at an additional cost. We will also number and list on a specialised inventory form each individual item and give you a copy for your records, we will then load our vehicle and return to our depot to consolidate into a shared / groupage container for shipping.

My Baggage shipping has arrived in NZ from the UK what happens next?

We will contact you before your consignment arrives at the port in New Zealand, once it has arrived, we will arrange for your consignment to be customs cleared by The NZ Customs and Border Protection Services. To assist us with your clearance you will be required to complete an unaccompanied effects statement which is an NZ customs form, this can be completed in the UK before your departure or in NZ. Once customs and MPI quarantine formalities have been completed, we will require delivery address.

Will there be additional charges to pay?

Quotation extended will be based on a door-to-door service (ground floor / kerbside), and will included terminals and custom clearance formalities, what is not included in our quotations are deliveries above ground floor i.e., lift and stairs, abnormal access i.e., long carry, parking, customs inspection fees, any customs duty or taxes on new goods are goods that do not meet the unaccompanied effects ruling, and the (MPI) NZ Quarantine inspections which are mandatory in New Zealand. (MPI) Quarantine inspection fees have not been included in any quotations and are payable direct to our partners in NZ.

Payments and Deposits?

On booking of your baggage shipping we will take a 15% deposit to secure your nominated collection date, once your shipment has been collected, we will provide you with a final balance invoice which will be In accordance with our trading terms we will respectfully request that we receive payment of the invoice within 72 hours of it being issued.
Once payment has been received your consignment will be scheduled to depart as per your quoted terms. Of course if we can assist you further at any time please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01323 763689 or


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