Shipping Furniture to Australia from the UK

Whether you have one piece of furniture or a whole house load, here at Relo UK our enthusiastic team of professional are here to help,

Shipping Furniture to Australia from the UK, is based on years of extensive experience, our services are efficient and economical, We have assisted many clients over the years from a bureau, to a complete office to a precious heirloom, whatever you require to be relocated you can trust Relo UK to provide you with a comprehensive furniture shipping service

We have perfected the art of shipping your furniture to Australia, from the UK, let Relo UK take away your relocation concerns and let our team of dedicated professionals ensure your furniture is moved to Australia stress free. All furniture is packed and collected from your home, our standard export wrapping service includes furniture double wrapped and over card to provide added projection whilst in transit. We have an outstanding track record in shipping furniture to Australia from the UK

Our door to door service includes collection from your residence, UK export and Australia customs formalities and delivery to your residence in Australia, we will even place it the nominated room and unwrap and take away the debris at the time of delivery

Why Choose Relo UK

As a proud member of the International mover’s association (IAM) we have the reputation and expertise when it comes to shipping furniture to down under (Australia)

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with the best furniture shipping service on the market today, our team of professional are well trained to look after your exacting requirements

Our number one priority is to make sure you and your furniture receive the very best in care

Shipping Costs for furniture to Australia from the UK

Costs are dependent on volume of your consignment, we can tailor make quotations to your specify needs, whether you are shipping 1piece of furniture or a full house load, we can provide you with an exact competitive costing which is backed by the IAM payment guarantee system.

If your considering shipping furniture to Australia, why not give us a call, you will not be disappointed.


Getting the right advice is essential

Remember; it is your precious possessions that you are moving so do insist on choosing a furniture shipping company to Australia from the UK you feel you can trust.

Will my furniture be safe & secure?

To ensure safety and security at all times, we have invested in a customs-approved bonded warehouse, fitted with CCTV security cameras. Once collected from you, we guarantee your furniture will be safe and secure during the storage timeframe, or while we build our next shared/groupage service. Our expert staff, who are members of various International Associations, are specially trained in handling your possessions in a professional manner and to exacting standards.

What are the costs of shipping furniture to Australia from the UK?

Based on volume, our quotations can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. We will provide you with a written quotation outlining the services offered as well as our contract conditions and exclusions. Prices will vary depending on volume, nature and size of the furniture you are shipping.

Do you provide an export wrapping service?

Yes – our professionally trained staff offer a qualified export wrapping service and your furniture will be carefully export wrapped using bubble blanket, which is designed specifically for the protection of all types of furniture during transit and storage. Softline bubble blanket not only offers the versatility of bubble on a roll while providing greater flexibility, but also reduces waste compared with other traditional forms of furniture protection. It also has many other uses, including the packing and wrapping of ceramics, leather and all types of wood furniture, due to the fact the tissue is slightly absorbent.

How long will my furniture take to arrive?

The approximate timeframe for international shipping of furniture to Australia from the UK is 12 weeks, based on a groupage/shared service, although this does depend on the final destination. Your allocated Move Manager may be able to advise on ways of reducing/increasing delivery times to ensure they fit in with your travel arrangements.

How long is the removal quote valid for?

Due to the nature and vagrancies of international shipping, which can be affected by currency fluctuations and increase in ocean and air freight costs, our quotes are valid for 28 days.

Is any VAT applicable on removal services?

As this is an overseas move, international removals VAT is therefore not applicable. VAT is only applicable for EU-to-EU relocations or domestic removal services, including storage, or ancillary services, such as handymen, external liftings or the hire of specialised equipment.

What if I require storage prior to shipping of my furniture?

As stated above, our fully customs boned warehouse, which is alarmed and fitted with CCTV security cameras, is available if you require storage of your furniture for a short period during transit, or for a longer term. Prior to shipping your furniture to Australia, we are able to offer you competitive storage costs.

Do you offer groupage (shared) container services for smaller consignments?

If you’re looking to save money, then the groupage (shared) service is the most economically recognised method of shipping for smaller volume moves. As soon as sufficient volumes are available, your items are loaded into a shared container along with other Relo UK consignments bound for the same geographical destination; this way you only pay for the container space you use. We pride ourselves on the fact we’re one of the largest groupage container operators in the UK, and we can offer frequent sailing dates on all major routes to Australian capital cities.

Can you provide Insurance Cover?

We do advise that insurance cover is taken out prior to your furniture being shipped. While we promise to do everything we can to ensure your possessions arrive safely at their end destination, and despite taking every possible care during this process, we do recommend seeking insurance. When you buy insurance, you transfer the cost of a potential loss to the insurance company.
Along with your extended quotation, we provide a transit proposal form and advise you to read the information carefully – if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you require a delivery address before my furniture arrives?

All we require prior to the shipping of your furniture is a contact address and contact details. Once it has arrived and been through the necessary customs clearance and quarantine formalities, we will require a delivery address. However, if you are not in a position to provide one, we can arrange safe storage of your items.

When my furniture has arrived in Australia from the UK, what happens next?

You will be contacted prior to your consignment arriving at your designated Australian port, and once it has, we will arrange for it to be customs cleared by Australian Customs and Border Protection Services. To assist us with your clearance, you will be required to complete an unaccompanied effects statement – an Australian customs form B534 – which can be completed in the UK before your departure, or in Australia. If your furniture arrives in Australia before you do, you can nominate a member of your family or a friend in Australia to act on your behalf, but in this case, you must complete the Australian customs from B534 yourself before you depart the UK. You will also be required to present the following information to Australian Customs. Once customs and quarantine formalities are complete, we will require a delivery address from you.

Will there be additional charges to pay?

The extended quotation is based on a door-to-door service and includes terminals and custom clearance formalities – what is not included in our quotations are customs inspection fees, any customs duty or taxes on new goods or goods that do not meet the unaccompanied effects ruling, and the Australian Quarantine inspections (AQIS), which are mandatory in Australia. Also not included are the AQIS inspection fees, which are payable direct to our colleagues in Australia.

What about payments and deposits?

Once your booking is made with us, we require a 15% deposit, which will secure your nominated collection date for your furniture to be shipped from the UK to Australia. Once your shipment has been collected, we will provide you with a final balance invoice; this is in accordance with our trading terms and we request that payment of the invoice is made within 72 hours of it being issued.
Once payment has been received, your consignment will be scheduled to depart as per your quoted terms. If you require any further assistance in the meantime, however, please contact our team of expert advisors on 01323 763 689, or email

What advice would you give to clients shipping furniture from the UK to Australia?

Your possessions are important and deserve handling with the utmost care, so choosing a trustworthy and professional furniture shipping company to move your furniture to Australia from the UK is therefore vital.


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