Removals UK to New Zealand (NZ) from UK

NZ: The land of the long white cloud, it is easy to see why moving to New Zealand has a captivating appeal. NZ as a country is renowned for its stunning landscapes, active volcanoes, spectacular scenery and when you add in a friendly local population and culture this makes NZ a country that has a large amount to offer. NZ has a reputation for quality outdoor and extreme sporting venues in both islands along with the popularity of Lord of the Ring’s trilogy “Middle Earth.” New Zealand has something for ONE AND ALL.

Moving to NZ can be a daunting process, but with our many years of experience in removals to NZ from the UK we can provide you with the right advice on what you cannot or best not to take, what does an international removal consist of?, how long will it take for my possessions to arrive?, what are the costs and are they any additional costs once it arrives in NZ? and what size container will I require?

Relo UK the moving company is one of United Kingdom’s leading providers of relocation and removal services to New Zealand, overseas international removals are all we do.

If you are looking for the best international removal company rest assured our service is second to none, you have come to the right place.

At Relo UK we are a moving company that understands, that moving to new surroundings, to a new place or to a new country can seem to be a daunting task. Our services are designed to minimize relocation stress.


We are a moving company that understands that moving home is more than placing items into cardboard boxes. It is an extensive process that requires much thought, time, investment, and planning. We offer a no obligation pre-move survey where one of our professional consultants will visit your home and go through your relocation in detail to provide you with an accurate quotation for your moving requirements.

Relax, you are in good hands, we pride ourselves on our ability to make moving to a new house a pleasurable experience. Our dedicated removal crews are committed to providing professionalism of the highest quality, our service will be friendly and courteous.

Our New Zealand extensive removal services

Door to door Removal service

  • Removal from anyplace in the UK to anywhere in NZ
  • Free in home no obligations survey or Video survey
  • Full Container load (FCL) or shared (groupage shipping container services)
  • Dedicated move manager
  • Comprehensive advice on moving to NZ
  • Assistance with customs and bio security formalities
  • Advise on Customs and NZ MPI regulations
  • All our shipping lines used are recognised and accredited
  • Notification of shipping advice by email
  • Tailor made insurance polices
  • Storage in the UK and NZ if required
  • Frequent sailing schedule and delivery via all NZ major ports
  • Customs and MPI bonded facilities in NZ
  • Our most cost-effective pricing policy that will not compromise our service


Our professional packing services:

  • Full international export standard packing & export wrapping service
  • We can provide you pack, we ship option
  • Our team of dedicated fully trained export packers
  • Supply of purpose designed cartons and export wrapping materials
  • Customised wooded casing / crates to IPSM 15 standards if required
  • Professional antique wrapping and handling services
  • Advice on preparing your move


Getting the right advice is essential

Remember; it is your precious possessions that you are moving so do insist on choosing a furniture removal company to NZ from the UK you feel that you can trust.

When should I contact International Removal Companies?

Excellent you have made the decision to start a new life in middle earth, what do I do next? from our experience the sooner the better is when to contact a professional moving company as they will have high-quality knowledge of what are the requirements for moving to NZ, what you can and cannot move and they can guide you through the moving process.

At Relo UK, the moving company we have professional move managers that can assist you in the relocation process, we can arrange for a no obligation pre-move survey by one of trained consultants or if you are time poor, we can arrange for a video survey at a time which is convenient to you. Our dedicated consultants will advise you on which is required for a successful relocation from packing and collection thought to shipping and what happens once it arrives in NZ.

Do you offer a free home survey or quotation?

Please use our get a quote tab on our home page, fill in your contact details and we will have a consultant contact you, normally this process is withing 24 hours of your request.

Our experience consultants will discuss your removal requirements with you, set up an appointment time for one our trained surveyors to call in and assess your requirements. At survey we will discuss with you the removal process, what is involved in a removal service to NZ, your packing requirement, what you can and cannot move, what the bio security inspectors look for and whether you need additional services i.e., Pets, parking permits, crating, external hoists, and specialist handyman services
During the visit, please accompany our consultant and show him everything you are intending to move, this may include opening cupboards and areas like lofts or cellars as well as outside areas garages and sheds, be as through as possible to allow us to provide you with an exacting quotation for removal service to NZ from the UK.

Alternatively, to a home visit if you are taking smaller volumes or know exactly what you are taking, we can provide you with a self-survey form or if time poor a video survey assessment.

How are my removal costs calculated?

Furniture removal services are based on the overall on the volume of the shipment and in the UK the volume is measured in cubic feet, alternatively it can also be determined in cubic meters.

To determine the volume, three dimensions are required, Length x Width x Height which is then measured by multiplying the Length x width x Height of each individual item. For removal in meters, divided by 35.315, or in inches divided by 1728.
If time is of the essence, we can also provide an air freight service. Airfreight is calculated on either the weight / measure of the consignment whichever is the greater, Invoicing will be once the actual final weight and dimensions of the shipment are known. As removal household goods tend to be volume based, the volumetric weight normally will apply, to determine the weight in kilos, the recognized international forwarders method is 1 m3 is equal to 167 kgs.
At Relo UK the moving company we have extensive experience in air shipments and can guide you through the various cost’s formulations.

How long is the removal quote valid for?

Our quotation is valid for 28 days; this is due to the nature and vagrancies of international shipping which can be affected by currency fluctuations and increase in ocean and air freight costs.

What will be included in a removal quotation?

We will provide you with a written quotation outlining the services offered and our contract conditions and exclusions. Prices will vary depending on whether you are packing your own consignment and / or we are doing a complete door to door service. Once volume and services parameters have been deemed and the volume is known we will then tailor make a quotation to suit your requirements.

What is the normal exclusion in a removal Quotation?

Quotation normally excludes storage unless this has been requested at the quotation stage and has been included in the body of the quotation. Insurance cost is normally not included at time of quotation but can be added later. Council Parking permits or parking dispensation (unless otherwise specified). The following are normally not included, Carpentry or building services, dismantle / assembly of new kitset furniture. (IKEA), Difficult or abnormal access situation where ferry (shuttle) vehicle or additional labour is required, Heavy items or items needing special lifting equipment. (external lift, Piano / safe / pool or snooker table handling unless specially requested / and or otherwise specified in the body of the quotations).
In NZ excluded are import duties, taxes, or other sums due to government departments, such as X-ray fees, MPI bio security inspection fees, customs examination fees, demurrage, quay rent, airline storage charges, cargo dues or container detention fees if incurred, and fumigation or steam cleaning if ordered, and any resulting treatment fees if applicable.
For further information on destination customs formalities and charges that may be payable on arrival please refer to our relevant destination country guide which will give you up to date information on Removals into NZ.

Is any VAT applicable on removal services?

For international removals VAT is not applicable for overseas move, VAT is only applicable for domestic removal services I.e., storage, or ancillary services like handyman or external liftings or hire of specialised equipment

How much notice do you require?

As a high-quality international removal company, normally we work on a fortnight notice is the best notice period to be able to plan and schedule relocation service, however we are constantly able to fit clients in a short notice for collection dates, and we have been able to accommodate clients with as little as 24 hours’ notice.

How do I proceed with a booking?

On booking of your removal shipping to NZ from the UK we will take a 15% deposit to secure your nominated collection date. We will also send you a comprehensive booking email, which will advise the collection date and time crew will arrive to commence your removal, we will also supply you with a customs form to be completed, request a copy of your passport, and supply you with insurance information for your perusal. We will also request that the customer acceptance form sent with your quotation is completed and returned to our office, this can be done via email. Once your shipment has been collected, we will provide you with a final balance invoice which will be In accordance with our trading terms we will respectfully request that we receive payment of the invoice within 72 hours of it being issued.
Once payment has been received your consignment will be scheduled to depart as per your quoted terms. Of course if we can assist you further at any time please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01323 763689 or

Moving day has arrived what happens next?

Prior to your moving day our operations team will confirm the date and approximate time scale.
Our crew will advise you on route if they are going to be late etc. Once crew has arrived at your address, it’s advisable to show the removal team around and highlight what is going and not going with crew team leader who will then decide where best to start the removal. Make sure you have everything you need for your travel arrangement (passport, airline tickets in a safe place). Once the collection has been completed, make sure you have a final walk around with the crew before the removal teams leaves and everything is checked and good to go and nothing has been left behind. Now time to leave, your new destination awaits.

What happens if the volume exceeds the assessed volume for packing and shipment?

If the shipment is based on a groupage (shared) service, we will complete a warehouse measure once returned to our depot to confirm the volume, if additional items have been added or the volume is difference from the estimated we will advise the additional costs and invoice accordingly. If you are thinking of adding additional items above the agreed volume it is wise to talk first with your move manager prior to collection day, as additional items can cause extra charges. If your service is based on an exclusive use container, then we will add space permitting, please note additional charges may be applicable as these additional items will affect the quoted rate.

What is the payments procedure?

On booking of your removal shipping, we will take a 15% deposit to secure your nominated collection date. We will also request the completed customer acceptance at time of booking as this confirms the contracted conditions. Once your shipment has been collected, we will provide you with a final balance invoice which will be In accordance with our trading terms we will respectfully request that we receive payment of the invoice within 72 hours of it being issued. If you are looking at insurance we will require a completed declaration prior to removal commencement date, insurance premium costs will be added to your final balance. In the intial quotation email sent there will be a link which will take you to our terms and conditions (please read).
Once payment has been received your consignment will be scheduled to depart as per your quoted terms. Of course if we can assist you further at any time please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01323 763689 or

Company relocation can my employer pay.

Yes, no problem, what we will require is a purchase order form your present employer and contact details on who will oversee payments, as we will not have trading terms with your employer in place, our terms and conditions will still be 15% deposit on booking and balance of invoice 72 hours after collection. We will also require signed acceptance return to confirm the booking.

Do you cover packing & collection nationwide?

At Relo UK the moving company we cover all of mainland United Kingdom with our own crews, for Northern Ireland we have a sister company we work in conjunction with. With our network of affiliates, we are also able to cover all European destinations, in fact we can cover anywhere worldwide.

Do you have trained export packers?

At Relo UK the moving company we have a dedicated team of expert removal professionals. International is all we do, and our staff are trained in packing and export wrapping techniques. We have set up our own in-house training modules, and we constantly monitor our quality packing procedures. With each individual removal we will complete the packing in your home, we only use purposed designed quality materials, each item is labelled, and the description is recorded on inventory page. Our team of expert packers are friendly polite and professional and will treat you and your possessions with the upmost respect.

Are your packaging techniques up to date?

We source only quality materials and use the latest available on the market. We use a double grade cardboard carton and our export wrapping material exceeds what is normally available. Moving international has its own unique challenges and the packing materials must be able to withstand the rigors of an international relocation, we have a range of cartons, and we can say with confidence that from a book to a glass or your precious ornaments to your clothing, our quality materials and crew packing techniques gets the job done second to none.

Will you supply cartons for us to pack ourselves?

With owner packed consignment, we will supply you with the same materials our crews would use ourselves, we can arrange delivery in advance prior to your collection day, with owner packed consignments for customs purposes we would require a list of each item you pack so we can include with your removal inventory, as this will assist with the customs and MPI quarantine formalities in NZ. Due to Customs and MPI Quarantine regulations in NZ owner packed consignments are looked at more scrupulously than a removal packed consignment.

What do I need to do to prepare for Moving day?

Making ready, lofts, garages, and sheds etc should be cleared in advance of move day. Prior to our crew arriving it is a good idea to sort out what you want packing and what not. Dispose of anything that is not going to be relocated, take down electrical items from wall and if you still have original boxes get them ready for packers. On the moving day, it is a good idea to have driveways clear for vehicles, if required arrange parking suspension in advance, most councils have procedures that allow for parking suspension to be put in place, if moving from apartment with lift access a manual override key is a priority, dismantle any self-assemble furniture prior to moving day.

Do I need to empty cupboard drawers and wardrobes etc?

Dispose of any item that is not going to be located, our removal packers will empty and pack all contents from cupboards and drawers etc, have a designated area the packers will not access for any possessions you are taking yourself, make sure your passport and valuables are in a safe place and not with the items that are going to be packed. At commencement of removal do a walk through with team leader so all parties are understanding of the packing process.

Will I be able to have an exclusive shipping container for my sole use?

Household effects are transported around the world by various methods, depending on the volume or quantity of goods for shipment, urgency of delivery and budgetary considerations. Depending on your volume as a guide a three-bedroom house would fit into a 20ft container whereas large houses four bedrooms or more than a 40ft is the best option. Larger 40ft High Cube containers are also available depending on volume and destination. Sea freight charges are calculated on the overall volume of your consignment. Our consultants are experts when it comes to international relocations, and we will recommend the most appropriate container for your removal.

Do you offer groupage (shared) container services for smaller consignments?

Groupage (Shared) service is the economically recognised method of shipping for smaller volume moves as you are saving money by sharing costs. Your household effects are loaded into a shared container with other ReloUK consignments bound for the same geographical destination as soon as sufficient volumes are available; this way you only pay for the container space utilised. As one of the largest groupage container operators in the UK we are able to offer frequent sailing dates on all major routes to NZ cities.

Are you able to air freight urgent essential possessions?

We can service any NZ destination, via our fast and efficient air courier service. If you require immediate access when you arrive then this service is for you, we can pack and air freight items such as your personal documents, tools of trade, laptop computers, baby accessories, seasonal or business clothing etc. We will export pack your possessions at your home, consolidate into air worthy cartons and transport to your new destination. Transit times vary typically between 7 and 10 days to the destination airport, and allow 5 / 7 days once landed for customs and quarantine formalities.

Are there items we cannot ship?

Generally, under shipping companies’ conditions of carriage, items which are consider dangerous i.e., explosives, flammable gasses, lithium batteries, poisons & toxins, scuba tanks, gas cylinders, aerosol cans, ink that we cannot accept for shipping, other items that are recommended not be shipped are creams, liquids, food, cash, bonds, jewellery, alcohol (will be subject to duty). Importing unaccompanied effects into NZ are inspected by the department of Agriculture on arrival, please refer to our Prohibited and Restricted Items fact sheet. For further information on items that may not be imported please refer to our relevant destination country guide.

What if I am shipping an endangered species requiring a CITES permit?

CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, an international agreement between governments to safeguard certain species from over-exploitation. Any item that is pre 1947 does not require a cites permit. If you are unsure if your items are a species controlled by cites, please check Cites website for further information. The provisions of trade under the Cites banner are various and range from live animals and plants to a vast array of wildlife products derived from them, including food products, exotic leather goods, wooden musical instruments, timber, tourist curios and medicines.
To apply for a CITES permit you will need to complete an application form (charges apply). You will also need to check any specific requirements with the intended import country. For further information please visit the CITES website. Please note we will require the CITES permit six weeks prior to your moving date; we are required to present the permit at the port of departure prior to container loading, failing which the certificate may be deemed invalid and the item may be denied entry at destination, or destroyed or returned to the UK, at your expense.

Are you able to ship motor Vehicles?

Relo UK – The Moving company are the experts when it comes to shipping vehicles to NZ, our service is second to none and we, pride ourselves that our knowledge is extensive with our commitment to make your relocation to NZ a worry and stress-free experience.
With Relo UK you can be assured that your motor car or motorcycle, trailer or caravan will be handled by Experts. Relo UK have a fully bonded warehouse and as proud members of (IAM) International movers association, this gives all our clients the peace of mind that they are covered under the overseas financial protection plan, IMMI (International Movers Mutual Insurance).

Vehicle shipping options to NZ

Whatever your requirement we can explore several options for shipping of your vehicle to NZ. Depending on the type of Vehicle its size and your personal requirements we will provide professional advice from the first contact through to handover of your vehicle once it has arrived in NZ. Options available included and not limited to its own dedicated shipping container or we can consolidate with your household consignments into its own exclusive use container. Alternatively, we are able to offer a groupage consolidated service for a more cost-effective option.
The suggested types of containers available for moving vehicle to NZ are 20ft containers and 40ft and 40ft High cube containers. Please contact our office for further information where one of trained consultants will be happy to assist.

Can you provide Insurance Cover?

Moving home is commonly regarded as the third most stressful thing we do, moving to a new home can usually be a hectic and stressful experience. Our staff have been extensively trained to take every possible precaution to protect your property and possessions during your removal. We recognise that your personal possessions and property mean a lot to you.

Whilst great care is taken during the removal of your goods, we will do everything possible to ensure your possessions arrive safely, nevertheless there are many instances of risk for loss or damage which are beyond the removal companies’ control. Due to this Relo UK’s liability for loss or damage must be limited by our standard terms and conditions contract, which are incorporated into all removal, storage, and shipping contracts.
If you do not take out adequate insurance, your recourse against the removal company or subsequent carriers and third parties for loss or damage, if they are liable, may be limited. Other parties involved may include, for example, the nominated shipping company or airline, other transport operators, the Port Authority etc. These parties operate under separate contract conditions, or under international law or conventions that may limit or exclude their liability. If a loss occurs at sea the shipping company may declare a General Average loss (which is the cost incurred by the carrier to preserve the vessel and its cargo). In this case, you, as the ‘shipper and owner’ of the goods may have to contribute to the General Average loss incurred by the shipping company. This principle of contribution is an insurable risk and is covered by marine transit policy issued by Relo UK.
Insurance is a way of managing risks. When you buy insurance, you transfer the cost of a potential loss to the insurance company.
A transit proposal form will be provided with all our quotation extended. We advise you to read the information carefully; if there any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to ask.

What if I require storage prior to shipping of my Removal to NZ?

At Relo UK we have a fully customs bonded warehouse, which is alarmed and fitted with CCTV cameras for added security, whether it is for a short period whilst in transit, or for a longer term, we are able to offer you with a competitive storage cost, prior to your removal shipping service to NZ.

Do you have storage in NZ for my Possessions?

We can arrange your storage with our partners at their warehouse complex and hold your shipment in storage to coincide with your arrival date. Our storage facilities in NZ are modern, Customs approved, and security protected, destination storage rates are available on request. Insurance may be extended to cover your goods whilst in store at a premium of 0.30 % of the value you declare, per month or part thereof, upon your written instruction and payment of the appropriate insurance premium. Please note that failure to extend cover and pay the insurance premium will render your goods uninsured, please refer to our standard terms and conditions.

Do you have a quality practice?

At Relo UK the worldwide moving company, we have based our quality standards on exceeding the recognised industry standards of BAR and FIDI, we have own in-house standards procedures, as we only do international relocations, our crews are well versed on the latest packing and removal techniques. As a proud member of the international mover’s association, we are constantly monitoring industry standards, and our general manager does spot checks on the crews to make sure they are conforming to our high standards.

Will have a designated contact person to manage my move?

From your initial enquiry, you are allocated a consultant who will answer any questions regarding your move and will be your principal contact, from the quotation stage through to booking and once it arrives in NZ, at any stage of your move you will, also have contact, with our shipping & admin managers and our General Manager who will oversee your relocation, rest assured your removal from NZ to the UK you are in good hands.

What documentation do you require?

Once you have confirmed that Relo UK are to be your selected supplier, we will confirm your booking with a confirmation email, which will have all your shipment details and we will request the following information from you
1. Completed Acceptance/Customer Information Form
2. A legible copy of the details page of the “lead clients” passport (photo page) - Please ensure that we have the correct details for the “lead client” or person whose name the shipment will be in.
3. A copy of your residents VISA or work permit for your chosen destination - unless you are a returning passport holder.
4. Completed NZ Customs form
5. Completed Insurance Valuation Form - attached for your reference (should cover be required).

Please note it is your responsibility to ensure you have authority to import your belongings into NZ, so if in doubt contact the NZ Embassy. We are unable to ship your goods without your completed documentation and payment.

What are the procedures for when my shipment departs the UK?

Once your shipment has been loaded into a designated sea freight container, we will notify you by email, we will confirm the shipping line, the container number and our designated office in NZ that will be handling your clearance and deliver procedures. Once dispatched, all the relevant documentation is sent to our counter parts at your chosen destination who will check and make sure paperwork is correct, they will also make contact with yourselves and update you on the customs and quarantine procedures and arrival date, if for any reason the shipping line arrival times changes whilst in transit our shipping department will also update you.

Do you have online tracking system?

At Relo UK we do not have our own tracking website as you can track the container through the designated shipping line, we will supply you with the shipping line, vessel, and container number, please be aware vessel details may change during transit due to transhipment ports, but the container details will not.

What happens when my Removal has arrived in NZ from the UK?

We will contact you before your consignment arrives at the port in New Zealand, once it has arrived, we will arrange for your consignment to be customs cleared by The NZ Customs and Border Protection Services. To assist us with your clearance you will be required to complete an unaccompanied effects statement which is an NZ customs form, this can be completed in the UK before your departure or in NZ. Once customs and MPI quarantine formalities have been completed, we will require delivery address and arrangement will be confirmed and designated delivery date given.

Will there be additional charges to pay?

Quotation will be based on a door-to-door service and will included terminals and custom clearance formalities, what is not included in our quotations are customs inspection fees, any customs duty or taxes on new goods are goods that do not meet the unaccompanied effects ruling and the (MPI) NZ Quarantine inspections which are mandatory in New Zealand. (MPI) Quarantine inspection fees have not been included in any quotations extended and are payable direct to our partners in NZ.

Do you offer financial protection?

We are a core member of the IAM (International Association of Movers), which is a governing body setup to check for quality assurance and customer service within the removal industry. This is very similar to the BAR (British Association of Removers) but instead of on a UK scale the IAM is recognised internationally so you have peace of mind here in the UK, and also at your destination, that the way your move will be conducted would be monitored and comply with agreed standards that are enforceable by the governing body wherever you are in the world at the time.

Do you have a after sales policy?

Your removals are constantly monitored by our team and in the unlikely event or any matter requiring attention our general manager will oversee and respond to your directly. If you have taken marine transit insurance that requires a claim will promptly send you a claim form and register your claim with the underwriters. At Relo UK we succeed on having your repeat business and personal recommendations, we therefore we remain at your disposal as client satisfaction is paramount to our core principles.

Do you operate to a code of practice?

A: Our terms and conditions are based on standard international removal industry codes of practice, these conditions explain the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of all parties to this Agreement. Where we use the word 'you' or 'your' it means the Customer: 'we', 'us' or 'our' means the Remover. These terms and conditions can be varied or amended subject to prior written
agreement. Your attention is drawn to Clauses 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12 which set out our liability to you for loss of or damage to goods and property.

What other relocation services do you offer?

At Relo UK the moving company, we can assist with a range of ancillary service from pet transport, house cleaning, bespoke crate making, handyman service and currency direct financial transactions.

Why choose ReloUK for my international move?

At Relo UK the worldwide moving company, we are not the biggest international mover, however our service is second to none, we have since our inception moved countless families and their possessions worldwide, we have an in-depth knowledge of removals to NZ from the UK, and you can be rest assured the service we provide will be competent, friendly and at all times professional, we are proud of our reputation and look forward to moving you.


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